My favourite subject at school

my favourite subject at school In elementary school, my favorite subject was math it came to me easily, and if i had never seen a problem like this before, i was able to figure it out quickly in middle school, i attended a magnet school, where math, science, and computer science were emphasized.

Kids vocabulary - school subjects - favorite subject - learn english for kids - english educational video this kids vocabulary category has been grouped thematically we hope you enjoy studying. De très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant my favourite subject at school – dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises. It was my favourite subject since primary school, especially ancient history it all began when i went on a school trip to my local egyptian museum in year 2 my interest grew from there.

We study one of the modern languages at school it is english it’s my favourite subject at the lessons of english we learn to read, write and speak we learn the history and geography of bur country, great britain and the usa we read stories after famous english and american children’s writers i like stories after alan milne, donald. I like to study my favourite subject with my obsessive energy and want to become a mathematician or mathematics professor i like my favorite subject ( mathematics) because of many reasons this subject doesn't need memorizing skill like parrot everyone has a best friendmy best friend is tithi she reads in class 2 in my school and in my. There are many subjects which we learn in school among them, history is my most favourite subject i find this subject very interesting because it helps me to know about the rich past of my country. Vote, add to, or comment on the top ten favourite school subjects top ten favourite school subjects kevintkurien the top ten 1 maths my math teacher is the nicest teacher ever i love math, especially geometry and algebra i'm really good at it too history is my best and favorite subject people babble on how math and science are so.

My favourite school subject - мой любимый школьный предмет at school we study many different subjects some of them are connected with nature and its laws, the other deal with human bein. My favorite subject in school is history 120 likes organization who was the last general of the union army in the cival war. My favorite subject is mathematics, and that's because i think it's an interesting subject i rarely get bored of mathematics, unless it's geometry-related.

In school, my favorite subject was history, you know why cuando estudiaba, mi materia favorita era historia, sabe por qué at school, johny's favorite subject is biology because i like nature and animals, he explains en la escuela, la clase favorita de johny es biología porque me gusta la naturaleza y los animales, explica. Sure you took alot of subjects in school and you might, or might not have liked any of them with this quiz, you can find out your true favorite subject completed 0 of 10 questions. The least popular subject is “social studies e(417%), while “english e(569%), a subject introduced in the 1990s, is unpopular in comparison to other subjects beijing chart 1-3 timetable at an elementary school in beijing (grade 5. 7 complete the sentences about your school timetable 1 my schoolday starts at and ends at 2 we have a break at 3 my favourite school subject/s is/are.

My favorite subject in school of all the subjects taught in school, i like geography best it is the only subject which teaches me everything i need to know about the world we live in, for example, vegetation, way of life of people, climate, agriculture and economy. Maths has been my favorite subject in school since lkg i love the world that is filled with numbers when i was three years old, my uncle from uk sent me dvds of alphabets and numbers. My favorite was math simply because i was good at it i hated most other subjects because i had trouble reading and my spelling was terrible math always seemed to make sense to me, which is probably why i still enjoy teaching math today. My love of mathematics, i believe, is what underpins the rest of my favorite subjects physics from classical newtonian mechanics , to quantum mechanics , to heat transfer – just like math, the next concept builds upon the last, all the way back to the basics.

Tags: best answers to the job interview question, favorite subjects in school, job interview question, what were your favorite subjects in school and why this entry was posted on at and is filed under questionsyou can follow any responses to this entry through the rss 20 feed both comments and pings are currently closed. Are you on school holidays at the moment what's your favourite bug how many colours are on your country's flag do you like the football world cup what's your favourite way to help stop plastic pollution what free time activity do you like best which ice-cream flavour do you like best. My least favorite subject (and probably everyone elses) is religious education i hate it so much, and everyone i know in my high school hate it too one pointless lesson, learn more reading it up. My discussions with my parents, school teachers, and space science classes at indo science education trust have increased my curiosity to study more about space sciences i wish to be a volunteer for 2018 national space and science fest.

Can we guess your favorite subject in middle school what was your least favorite subject x pe math foreign language science language arts which school lunch would you choke down x choke down i just play with it which piece of school supplies did you have to have every year x notebook folders goggles pencils the perfect. My favourite subjects are maths, physics and chemistry i love solving problems and i'm so happy when i got right answeri hate history coz i need to remember alot of years it's too hard to remember each of them for me. It goes without saying that english is my favourite school subject the reason i like it is because it's simple and an international language i can communicate with people from different cultures.

History was my favourite subject in my academic year and i have learned so many things from the history books i read and learned from teachers related to history and they were so interesting that i later did my graduation majoring history. In this quiz, you will find the true answer of your favorite subject is it geometry, art, or writing. My favourite subject at school is english and polish i really love writing stories and poemsi love learning languages and meeting new people since last year i have been learning german when you want to know some more you can reply me up 60 users have voted. My favorite subject i like is music it’s my favorite subject in school because we go to music everyday after lunch i like music because it helps you learn how to play with instruments it also helps you learn how to sing songs and also dancing music is important because it helps your brain have.

my favourite subject at school In elementary school, my favorite subject was math it came to me easily, and if i had never seen a problem like this before, i was able to figure it out quickly in middle school, i attended a magnet school, where math, science, and computer science were emphasized.
My favourite subject at school
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